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The WWM strives to educate all ages with knowledge obtained through the traditions and history of the outdoor sportsman and sportswoman. We have further incorporated this knowledge with specimens, literature, media, activities and courses offered through the museum. The main focus of the WWM is education & conservation and there are four main areas of focus:

The history, culture, practice and ethics of hunting, fishing and field sports from various parts of the world.

The biology of plants and animals native to the United States, and other parts of the world.

The human lifestyle, on a local and global scale, and the impact it has on our environment and ecosystem. 

The importance of proper practice of conservation, reclamation, preservation of our lands and wildlife.

We strive to educate individuals on how they can practice environmental stewardship in their everyday life. There is further stress put on incorporating this awareness with the proper practice of hunting, fishing and field sports. The youth is particularly important to us since they will be responsible for carrying on the traditions of the outdoor sportsman.

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The WWM Offers Additional Services By Appointment Such As:

*All services by appointment please contact WWM to confirm


FIREARMS TRANSFERS Pistols/Rifles/Shotguns



RANGES Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun

Mountain House® Supplier Freeze Dried Camp Food Meals

PA STATE GAME COMMISSION COURSE LOCATION/PA State Game Commission Hunter/Trapper Course


The Following Consulting by Appointment:

Soil & Water Reclamation

Land & Wildlife Management

Big Game Hunting and Fishing

Hunting/Fishing Trip Booking & Advisement

Please contact the museum for further information and estimates through our Contact Page

WWM Is Federally Licensed to Buy, Sell or Trade Firearms

The museum has a large collection of modern and antique firearms. New gun purchases are also available through the WWM. This service is available to everyone meeting PA state and federal guidelines. Collectors are welcome. Please contact the museum for further information. 

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Read about why the WWM was founded in the Letter from Jack Keslar. Come take a virtual Tour of the Museum. Why not become a Member of the Museum and we will keep you up-to-date about our travels and keep you informed about issues that concern our friends. Check Events & News for the upcoming activities. Be sure and shop at ourStore where you will find unique documentaries, art, Education courses and other cool stuff. Plus you will be supporting a good cause!

Attention Troop and Group Leaders!

WWM is now offering day programs such as: various outdoor field sports, first aid and merit badge programs. Make arrangements to custom fit your troop or group needs.

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